Do You Need To Improve? Credit Scores Count.

To improve your credit score, you have to take steps to improve the rating that the credit bureaus give you on your credit report. The score is the grade they give so that merchants know whether or not you a good risk for them to lend money or allow you to have a credit account. If you have a low credit score, then you know you have to improve. Credit scores will determine whether or not you get a loan for a new house or a new car. If you need to improve credit scores there are ways.

There are recognised ways to improve credit scores and once you do improve your credit score you will qualify for more loans – sometimes more than you want. If you are in the market for a loan, it is a wise decision to review your credit score at least six months prior to submitting the application. This way if your score is low, you have an opportunity to improve your credit rating for at least six months before the lender does a credit check on you.

The credit score that shows up on your credit report tells creditors about your repayment habits. If you really want to improve your credit score, you need to know that score. If you find mistakes in your credit report, then you have to take steps to get them corrected in order to improve your credit rating. You will have to contact the credit bureau to find out the process involved in correcting any inaccuracies you find. Although this is one of the ways to improve credit scores, it only works if there are legitimate mistakes and you can prove it.

If you notice that you have been late making your payments or you have missed some entirely, one of the ways to improve credit scores and improve your credit rating is to start paying your bills on time. If you have any outstanding payments, you should also take steps to bring the accounts up to date. This will go a long way to helping your improve your credit score.

If you have all your credit cards maxed to the limit, this will also reflect badly in giving you a low credit score. If you want to improve credit scores, start paying on your credit cards and try not to use them. When your balance starts to go down, your credit score will start to rise. One idea for helping you improve your credit score is to cut up your credit cards so you can’t use them. Also, one of the ways to improve credit scores is to try to pay more than the minimum amount. This speaks volumes when it comes to your credit score.

There are some ways to improve credit scores. You just need to know how to do it.

Skin cancer and sun exposure whilst at work

As summer and the long days of prolonged hot sunshine is upon us once again, the natural instinct to remove items of clothing as the sun comes out is evident. But could your employer be liable if you suffer from skin cancer as a result of removing clothing and not being supplied skin protection cream or sun lotions?

An extensive search for court rulings in which an employer was held responsible for one of their staff contracting skin cancer whilst at work has provider no evidence and no case law provided. However this does not mean that an employer in the future might be found liable if they do not protect their employee’s welfare whilst at work.

The risks created by the sun’s rays should never be ignored, but what is being said is that you as an employee are not completely responsible for your own skin protection and employers to some extent must take ownership of the associated risks.

Free sun protection creams and guidance information on the risks of sun exposure should be supplied to employees if they are exposed for considerable amounts of time in the sun, as an example let’s think about external workers such as builders, external landscapers etc.

A suggestion if you are spending prolonged periods of time in the sun to protect yourself is to whenever possible wear long sleeved, loose fitting clothing. Not only will this protect your skin, it will also help to keep the body temperature down and also minimize the risk of a heat stroke. Your employer could supply light weight clothing which allows the body top breathe in all weathers or prohibit the removing of clothing for their own safety.

Advise on using sun barrier creams could be instigated and the rule to use these for skin protection mandatory whilst exposed to the sun. A sun protection of no less than Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 should be used as this will provide adequate protection.

Also advice on breaks that they should be taken in doors or in the shade out of the sun’s rays is another way protection can be offered. If temperatures are particularly hot then, your employer might want to consider being flexible with break allowances incorporating more frequent short rest breaks out of the sun. This time could be used to apply more protection barrier creams and to re hydrate by drinking more fresh cold drinking water.

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