Want Softer, Smoother, More Beautiful Skin?

Want Softer, Smoother, More Beautiful Skin? Take Your Daily Dose of Phyto Renew 350! Exclusively from Doctor Wells Natural Health Products.

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Birthdays are a must. Looking your age isn’t. Today we’re going to delve deeper into why all natural, plant-derived phytoceramides are your first line of defense against fine lines and wrinkles.

But first, my personal How-to recommendations:

~ Step 1: Purchase my Phyto Renew 350 supplements directly through Amazon.com.

~ Step 2: Faithfully take 1 capsule daily (preferably with a full glass of water because your skin loves and needs water!)

~ Step 3: Commit to cleansing your face twice daily, and using high quality, topical skin care products (I’ll expand on this in a future article)

~ Step 4: Eat clean, healthy foods (again, I’ll cover more on the importance of this later on)

~ And finally, a Bonus Step: I recommend that you take a clear, well-lit before photo of yourself. You’ll appreciate seeing how much your skin has improved in a few short months, and I’d love for you to share your results with me if you would 🙂

And now, Why taking Phyto Renew 350 improves your skin:

Put simply, phytoceramides aid the process of skin cell turn-over. This means replacing dead layers of skin with fresh, new skin. Phytoceramides plump and hydrate the skin, which in turn reduces fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out!

Our skin loses key elements as we age and the phytoceramides in Phyto Renew 350 works on several levels to help restore youthfulness:

~ Hydrates the skin naturally and locks in moisture

~ Facilitates skin cells to regenerate

~ Stimulates collagen production

~ Restores the important protective skin barrier that we lose as we age

And these benefits aren’t limited just to your face! The lipid fat molecules derived from the all natural phytoceramides improve the skin’s texture and tone all over your body. The ceramides that are generated move up through the layers of your skin helping to undo the damage caused by aging and environmental factors such as the sun.

Start your regiment of Phyto Renew 350 immediately and you’ll begin to see results in about 4 to 6 weeks. That’s how long it takes for skin cells to regenerate, and when this happens you’ll see the first signs of improvement. Expect continued softening and smoothing for the next 8 to 12 weeks. After that, keep taking Doctor Wells’ Phyto Renew 350 long term to maintain your beautiful results.

I look forward to sharing more great ideas for achieving healthy skin with you in the near future.






Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans want to lose weight (1). And for good reason as the number of overweight and obese people in the U.S. continues to climb. In fact, according to a 2013 Gallup Survey, the average adult  is 15 pounds heavier than their ideal weight(2).

While proper diet and exercise are the key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight, advances in natural medicine are actually able to help win the battle of the bulge. Today DOCTOR WELLS NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS has released a new, completely natural fat loss supplement called Forskolin Trim.  The benefits of Forskolin Trim is that it burns fat, burns calories and reduces weight.

Forskolin is naturally occurring and is derived from the roots of an herbal plant called Coleus Forskohlii. This mint-family plant has a long history, dating back to ancient times when it was used to treat various heart disorders including high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, according to Dr. Wells.

Studies today show the effectiveness of Forskolin as a safe and effective fat burner.  A 12-week trial that was published in the Research Journal Obesity showed significant decreases in body fat percentage with no change in diet by using Forskolin daily (3). In addition, Forskolin increased both muscle mass and bone density.

Doctor Wells’ new supplement Forskolin Trim contains 125mg of 20% standardized Forskolin, the same important dosage proven effective in studies.  It’s also 100% pure with no fillers, binders or extra ingredients, and as with all Doctor Wells Natural Health Products, it is manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA registered laboratory that is cGMP certified.


Getting the Most out of Your Doctor Wells’ Garcinia Cambogia Supreme Supplements – Part Two

You’ve made the commitment to shed those extra pounds. You’re eating a more healthy diet, increasing your physical activity and taking Doctor Wells’ Garcinia Cambogia Supreme natural supplements. Congratulations, your fat burning ability is now revving on high! Now you’re ready to make some easy tweaks to ensure incredible results. Today we’re talking more about amping up your metabolism with very little effort.

First, the low-down on what metabolism really is. On a personal level, most people recognize that their metabolism plays a role in weight gain & weight loss. Basically, metabolism is our internal calorie burner. It’s the process by which the body converts the food you eat into the fuel you need to survive. Even if you did nothing physical at all, your body still needs energy for the important basic functions such as breathing, blood circulation, and cell growth & repair.

In fact a whopping 75% of the calories you consume each day are dedicated to these functions that your body controls. The remaining 25% provide the fuel for everything else you do. When you take in more calories than your body can burn and  you will undoubtedly gain weight. As cardiologist Joseph Klapper, M.D. (author of ‘The Complete Idiots Guide to Metabolism’) states: “It’s a matter of intake versus output”.

The great thing is, you are in control!

Your Garcinia Cambogia Supreme supplements are a natural fat burner, and you’ve taken a most important step in the right direction by including 2 a day in your Get-Fit regiment.

Now I’d like to share 3 other simple, healthy things you can start doing today that will work in harmony with Garcinia Cambogia and increase your metabolism even further.

Cinnamon: The health benefits of cinnamon are numerous. When it comes to weight loss, this delicious spice actually aids the body in processing carbohydrates more effectively. It also has a positive effect  on blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels result in increased body fat. Cinnamon affects the way sugar is metabolized, and prevents it from transforming into fat.

The wonderful thing about cinnamon is there are so many ways to use it. Your goal is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day. Use the freshest cinnamon available and sprinkle away: 1) Add it to breakfast foods like oatmeal or toast. 2) Enhance the flavor of fruits like apples, peaches & berries 3) Or make a yummy cinnamon & honey tea.

Milk Thistle: If you’re not familiar with milk thistle the first thing you need to know is that it’s a flower and is used extensively in herbal medicine. It’s taken in capsule or tincture form as any tea made from the flower would simple not be strong enough to derive any health benefits. Milk thistle has a positive effect on the liver. There’s an active compound called ‘silymarin’ in this herb and it helps to protect the liver. Your liver is a vital organ and plays an important role in weight management. A healthy liver works to detoxify the body and milk thistle boosts the livers detoxification abilities. This results in increased metabolism and fat loss. Leslie Beck, author of ‘The Complete A-Z Nutrition Encyclopedia’, advises that you choose milk thistle with a standardized dose of 70-80% silymarin. Be advised also that if you have medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding you will need to talk to your doctor or naturopath before taking milk thistle.

Ground Flax Seed or Flax Seed Oil: Flax seed has been used for hundreds of years as a food, and even ancient cultures turned to it for digestive problems. Today flax seed is recognized to have multiple health benefits. In regards to weight loss, flaxseed improves metabolism and increases thermogenesis (fat-burning).  The oil derived from flaxseed is especially high in Omega-3  and there is exciting research happening showing the importance of this alpha linolenic acid for a variety of health issues. Ground flaxseed can be sprinkled on anything, and adding it to your diet gives you an extra boost of high fiber which also helps in weight management. Aim for a tablespoon each day. My personal favorite is to add it to my salad because it gives it a delicious, nutty flavor.